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Surgery and Dentistry

Like humans, your pet may at some time require surgery. Some surgeries, referred to as elective are performed on relatively healthy pets. These may be routine surgeries like spays and neuters which are generally recommended for puppies and kittens that are not going to be bred. Spaying and neutering at an early age helps prevent potential behavior and medical problems for your pet. These surgeries also have the obvious benefit of curbing the pet population. Other elective surgeries like declaws are performed more selectively on cats with scratching issues which other more conservative methods have failed to resolve. Declaws may also be required in some instances where a pet owner who is immuno-compromised would like to keep his or her beloved pet without risk of serious disease transmission from the pet.

Your pet may also require other types of surgeries, referred to as non-elective. Such surgeries may be required to repair skin wounds, remove tumors, remove ingested foreign bodies, or repair broken bones and joints.

Most pets over 3 years also require dental cleanings to be performed at least once a year. Some breeds of pets may need these cleanings to be performed more often. Sometimes teeth extractions may be required perhaps because of a broken tooth or serious periodontal disease.

When your pet requires any of these procedures, anesthesia or some degree of sedation may be required. Naturally this is a trying time for most pet owners as anesthesia, just like in human medicine, is never without risk. 

At Pet Point Animal Hospital we at all times minimize this risk for your pet by adhering to strict surgical protocols before, during and after the procedure. Your pet will get a full physical exam before surgery of any kind. Pre-surgical blood work to ensure your pet is healthy enough to withstand anesthesia will be done in most cases. Safe drug protocols individualized for your pet will be used. Our veterinarians are experienced in most general surgical procedures. This includes soft tissue and some orthopedic procedures. For more specialized procedures we will give your pet a referral to a specialist that can help your pet. During surgery, cutting edge monitoring equipment and instruments will be used. Your pet will be monitored during recovery up until he or she goes home. Pain medications will be given whenever required. At discharge we will give you all the information you will need to care for your furry friend during recovery. And of course we will at all times be only a phone call away.