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Preventive Care

Pet Point Animal Hospital is moving along with the veterinary profession as we look beyond vaccinations in providing preventive care for our patients.We recommend annual physical exams for younger pets up to 7 years of age and bi-annual exams for older pets.Regular physical exams result in early diagnosis and treatment and this can dramatically slow progression of conditions such as heart disease, kidney failure, periodontal disease and arthritis. We recognize that veterinary care is more than vaccination and treatment of overt disease. By keeping your pet healthy, preventive care plays a critical role in maintaining a long rewarding relationship with your pet. Our wellness plans help you to make this a reality for your furry companion. At the time of the preventive care visit we get a full history from you about your pet. Our veterinarians will perform a full nose to tail exam on your pet evaluating all body systems. Stool checks, heart worm and feline leukemia testing will be performed as appropriate. Some pets may require more screening like blood work and x-rays. Year round parasite control including intestinal parasites, heart worms and flea control will be recommended. We will also make recommendations concerning behavior, dental health, and diet. Individualized vaccines for your pet, if due may also be performed at this time. At the end of your visit we will communicate to yo a plan for follow-up and at-home care of your pet.